Old World

R-E-D Updated for Old World

Released . Ranked 36 of 96 with 795 (11 today) downloads

Published by Kazuiyo (mod ID: 1035643)


Updated version of R-E-D added some of the units that mod missed.




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IRevanI @shadow-duke

I already mentioned this in original red..you CANT change resources, etc. the sprite will change to glitchy 2d ugly (for instance elephants!)..same with IMPROVEMENT, which you didnt change at least. Dont you see it ingame??
You even used the exact same globalsFloat-change.xml

obinice @obinice

I've tried this mod (with no other mods enabled), it makes all my units have a single "person" who is very small, rather than many people who are small as shown in the screenshot.

Currently it's unusable, but this is a great idea, thank you for making it and if you update it I will definitely be using it for all my playthroughs! :-)

Kazuiyo @kazuiyo

Im not sure why it doesnt work for you. I know only one unit with a single "person" that would be nomad elite warlord and i think its because that unit can spawn as either cavalry or a elephant. So i cant do a formation for it unfortunately.

obinice @obinice

Ah okay, thanks for the reply :-) I'll try it the next time there's a game/mod update and if it starts working I'll let you know.

If it's helpful, the original old mod that yours replaces doesn't work for me either. I'm playing on Windows 10, and tested them both out with no other mods enabled.