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AG's Extra Nations Mod for Old World

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This mod aims for add a few more Nations to the game. The nations tend to be around the same period of the existing periods but some exceptions may be made. The contents of this mod will be integrated into the AGs Tweak Mod but this mod will work in its standalone for the base game. Art will be the weakest part of this mod so please tolerate the limitations of the modder who is trying his best. Feedbacks and suggestions are welcomed!

Farmer Family Class:

  • [Family Cities]: +5 Food/Year
  • [Family Cities]: -50% Specialist Costs
  • [Family Cities]: +10 Money/Year per Crop Resource
  • [Family Seat] +4 Growth/Year per Culture Level
  • [On Seat Founded] Gain Settler
  • Available to: Shang

Common Traits: Builder, Judge and Orator
Family Opinion Preferences:

  • Leader not an Adult: -20
  • Most Cities: +40
  • Fewest Cities: -40
  • Missing Salt: -10/City
  • Missing Honey: -10/City
  • Serfdom: +20
  • Each Farm: +1


  • [Family Cities] Farms: +50% Output
  • [Family Cities] +1 Growth/Year per Family Opinion Level
  • [Family Cities] +5 Money/Year per Family Opinion Level
  • [Family Seat] +2 Training/Year per Family Opinion Level
  • [On Seat Founded] +10 Border Tiles
  • Nations: Zhou

Common Traits: Builder, Diplomat and Schemer
Family Opinion Preferences:

  • Leader not an Adult: -20
  • Defended Cities: +20
  • Damaged Cities: -40
  • Missing Salt: -10/City
  • Missing Honey: -10/City
  • Serfdom: +20
  • Slavery: +20


  • [All Cities]: Double Civics from Scribes Specialists
  • [Capital City]: +25% Civics
  • Leader: Tang
  • Families: Farmer, Hunters, Patrons, Sages
  • Starting Techs: Ironworking, Administration, Divination
  • Unique Units: Mao Infantry (6 Strength, Pierce II and Anti-Mounted I) and Ge Infantry (8 Strength, Pierce I and Anti-Mounted II and Cleave I) [Both Units Cost and Consumes Food instead of Wood]
  • Unique Shrines: Heaven (+2 Culture/Year), Earth (+1 Order/Year), Stars (+1 Science/Year, +1 Growth per Adjacent Lumbermill), Harvest (+20% for Adjacent Farms, +1 Civics/Year per Adjacent Farm)


  • [All Cities]: +1 Culture and +0.5 Order from Shrines
  • [Capital City]: +25% Growth
  • Leader: Wu
  • Families: Lords, Landowner, Clerics, Traders
  • Starting Techs: Trapping, Administration, Divination
  • Unique Units: Bu Infantry (6 Strength, Anti-Infantry II) and Jiashi (8 Strength, Anti-Infantry II and Guard II)
  • Unique Shrines: Divination (+1 Culture/Year and -1 Discontent/Year), Earth (+1 Order/Year), Bronze Vessels (+2 Growth/Year, +20% for Adjacent Mines), Harvest (+20% for Adjacent Farms, +1 Civics/Year per Adjacent Farm)


  • Character Portraits
  • Finisher the nuances like luxuries for Farmer Family Class
  • Other minor things and balances





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