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AGs Tweaks Mod for Old World

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Published by amateurgamer88 (mod ID: 2078726)


AGs Tweaks Mod is meant to be an experimental mod that tries various things to see their impact on the game. This doesn't necessary suggests that the mod lacks focus.

The mod hopes to achieve the following goals:

  • Nerf the importance of war. Currently, war has too much emphasis and, for me personally, controlling a lot of units even with order limiting everything can be a grind eventually
  • Buff economic gameplay to emphasize the importance of developing your cities in all regards.
  • Other goals may be added throughout mod development.

Mod Additions/Changes:

  • New Units. Some are Light and Heavy version of existing versions.
  • New Techs. Add to the decision-making regarding what direction you wish to take with your nation and what advantages you wish to benefit from.
  • New Improvements. Small and large versions of rural improvements added. Large improvements are always much better but they require time to develop as small improvements can be built and these eventually develop to large improvements.
  • New Specialists. Second level specialists added for rural improvement and these, along with the first levels, are only available to large improvements.
  • New Yields. Manpower added and now crucial to all your units in terms of building them and their consumption. Faith is needed for those who want to focus on their religious game.
  • Barbarian and Tribal Units more dangerous in the early game but, due to lower scaling than Nation units, will be weaker in the mid to late game.
  • Rural Improvements now strengthen your City so pillage them during offensive sieges and protect them during defensive sieges.

Thanks for playing my mod! Feedback and suggestions are appreciated! You can find me on the Old World Discord as amateurgamer88#8868.













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