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This mod is not functional right now with the latest build of the game


Compatible, and recommended with Dynamic Units and Dynamic World

Enables the creation of new cities beyond pre-determined sites along rivers and on lush terrain. This means you now have the freedom to choose where to build your cities!
1) Workers can now build city sites (that is, to lay the groundwork before settlers come) in neutral territories
2) Two new improvement types: City Sites (which allows settlers to build new cities!) and Colonies (urban tiles around city sites; settlers can settle on these instead of the city sites too!)


When outside of any nation's cultural border, City Sites behave the same way as pre-generated city sites on the map, upon which you can build a city with a settler. When built inside of your cultural border (only one allowed per nation), it serves as a beef-up urban improvement providing +3 Growth, Culture and Civics.

  • City Sites cost 200 Wood, Stone and Civics and 6 years to build, and requires a Lush tile or along an river.
  • Colonies cost 20 Stones to build, and only takes a year, their main benefit is allowing for the creation of urban tiles around the new city site.
  • Pre-generated city sites are now a minimum of 10 hexes away instead of 8, making the map a little more sparse and creates plenty of room for your pioneers to settle!

Thanks for playing my mod, you can find me on the Old World discord as Harry!#5866.








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Olafr_Einarsson @olafr-einarsson

When trying to build a city with a settler on a city site constructed by a worker with this mod, it is not allowed due to "not being connected to an urban tile". I built two colonies next to the city site, but still not able to build the city. Am I missing something crucial here, or is it maybe a compatibilty issue (I have a few other mods installed). Is this a known mod error?