Old World

Courtiers+ for Old World

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Published by IRevanI (mod ID: 1067033)



  • 4 new Courtiers, 4 new Archetypes & 10 new Missions
  • (Court) Jester
    • +2 Charisma & -2 Wisdom (as courtier another +1 Charisma)
      • Can not be anything a "normal" courtier could be
        • The Jester has currently three available missions/jobs, to entertain your cities, to raise an odeon and to discover drama
        • Entertaining takes 1 turn and the city gets +10 Culture & - 30 Discontent
        • Raising an Odeon takes 6 turns and the city gets an Odeon
        • Discovering Drama takes 8 turns
      • Mission costs depening on jesters opinion of you!
      • The Jester has some "special" opinion modifiers in comparision with others
  • Steward
    • +2 Discipline & +1 Courage (as courtier another +1 Discipline & +1 Wisdom)
      • Can be a Governor, an Ambassador or a Chancellor
        • The Steward has currently two available missions/jobs, to provide your cities and to oversee your cities
        • Providing takes 3 turns and there is a chance the city gets either +120 Food & +30 Growth or a resource spawns in the city (foodish)
        • Overseeing takes 4 turns and gain Militia, all families opinion +20 for 10 years, +60 Training & -20 Growth and -20 Discontent in city
      • Mission costs depening on stewards opinion of you!
      • For the bonus when serving as Governor please hover over the archetype info
  • Traveling Doctor
    • +2 Wisdom (as courtier another +1 Wisdom & +1 Courage)
      • Can be a General or an Agent
        • The Traveling Doctor has currently three available missions/jobs, to cure your characters from Ill or Severely Ill and to experiment with your leader
        • Curing takes 1 turn and you cure ill, severely ill is cured with a chance of 4:1 the other chance is death!
        • For Experimenting with your leader is Divination needed first, it takes 3 turns and you get +3 Wisdom, +3 Courage,+2 Charisma & -1 Discipline with a chance of 75:25 the other chance is death!
      • Mission costs depening on travelling doctors opinion of you!
      • Please note that certain missions only unlock when you meet the criterias!
  • Land Surveyor
    • +1 Discipline & +1 Wisdom (as courtier another +1 Discipline)
      • Can be a Governor
        • The land Surveyor has currently two available missions/jobs, to survey your cities & to examine the ground
        • Surveying takes 5 turns and you get +1 Border Tile, -40 Stone, -80 Wood & 1 Worker
        • Examining takes 4 turns and there is a chance for a resource to spawn in cities borders (strategic)
      • Mission costs depening on land surveyors opinion of you!
      • For the bonus when serving as Governor please hover over the archetype info
  • More courtiers/archetypes and missions could be added in the future

  • Works well with and its recommended to play with Archetypes+

  • German translation included
  • Mod compatibility with all my mods


















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icare_arisen @icare-arisen

You are slaying it with these mods, IRevanI. If I may suggest further options along these lines, I would recommend Court Augurs (amplifies Seers and Prophets), Priests (religion), Animists (or something similar, maybe Naturists?; farms, pastures, lumber mills), Metallurgists (iron and training), and Engineers (improvements, wonders, and roads).

I hav a number of other mods I'd love to see, but no ability to make them myself. While you seem more than capable of coming up with more yourself, please DM me if you're interested in my requests/opinions.

Thanks for your exemplary work!!

IRevanI @shadow-duke

Thanks for your kind words. ;)

I think what you want is more families, right? This is an idea for Families+ which i have already thought about but i started with Courtiers+ first because i find it more interesting. ;)

icare_arisen @icare-arisen

Also, one of the only aspects of the game that I find wholly unrealistic is the age of marriage and child-bearing of 18. While I understand the design choice not to do it this way, I think it would be interesting to have a mod which lowers both to 14, which would not be an inconceivable age for either, especially among royalty, in olden times.

IRevanI @shadow-duke

I dont know if i can do anything about the marriage or birth age. I already looked at the files.

icare_arisen @icare-arisen

No worries, I appreciate you looking.

icare_arisen @icare-arisen

I was thinking of them as courtiers, but they could be done as families instead. I just thought, alright, who advises the king/queen in ancient times? And these roles came to mind. Others could be Master of Ships (war and commerce) or Commander of the Army.