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"He will win who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces."

This mod is intended to change the combat experience of the Old World. Wars will be longer and more attrition focused, your experienced troops will matter more, they will be much tougher, and you will get attached to them. Meanwhile you can always recruit rookies after a terrible battle and continue waging your war.

Some changes in this version:
All unit training costs are reduced by 1/3.
Each existing military unit increases the cost of future military units of its family (by 5%).
All combat promotion effects are doubled.
- if you have more than 100% chance of critical damage, you can deal a triple damage (not included in the ui yet).
Barbarians have higher raw strength.
Champion families have tough promotion instead of steadfast, and only for infantries.
Slingers don't get range benefit from hills.
Archers have range 2, but still can use hills. (so AI can't focus fire to kill any unit it wants)

Long term goals:
Not all battles should end up in a complete annihilation, I will add withdraw and moral mechanics so your units can withdraw and regroup after a battle.
Better horse archer mechanics. Cavalry rework, separate units/abilities for light-heavy cavalries.
Some mechanics to represent attrition, supply lines etc.
All wars in Old World are "total wars", you keep fighting until you capture every enemy city, because there is no war weariness. I want to change that too as an overarching goal.
Rework settler spam strategy of the early turns.




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Fox009 @fox009

This sounds great. I'm looking forward to trying this!