Old World

Extra Huge & Epic Mapsize for Old World

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Published by IRevanI (mod ID: 2108551)


2 new mapsizes for 8 and 9 opponents

Extra Huge: 98x98 (rec. 8 opponents)
Epic: 106x106 (rec. 9 opponents)
All values for those 2 new mapsizes have been adjusted properly
Useful when playing with mods that add extra nations

Difference between "super huge" and this mod:

In this mod, the 2 scripts are on par with the other ones. Meaning; all values have been multiplied exactly the same.
VP for Extra Huge: 175 - VP for Epic: 200
With Super Huge mod, the Width and Height is increased by 30 from Huge, other Width and Height values are static 100. Huge VP is 150, Super Huge VP is 200.
I know Super Huge Mapsize is a demonstration and my intention is not to speak bady about the work.

Currently you can choose only max. 8 opponents in the advanced setup

German translation included
Compatible with all my mods





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