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A collection of small changes that didn't get their own separate mod.

- Event "Influence of Money": The character asking to be bribed can't be honorable.
- Adopting removes "Bastard" trait.
- Info text is no longer ambiguous if it's about the Improvement Class or its lvl 1 Improvement (Hamlet, Odeon, Market, Library, Courthouse, Garrison)
- Capitals get free Walls to make early rushing less viable, especially with low AI Development settings.
- Special Unit abilities replacement: some Defense-oriented abilities were replaced with normal Defense boni.
Tactician (Melee Counter): +20% Defense vs. Melee [originally: does full Attack Damage when Defending against Melee]
(Critial Immune): +5% Defense [originally: Unit is immune to the extra Damage from Critial Strikes]
- Schemer Leaders get flat +2 Orders now [originally: +2 Orders per War and the ability to sell 2 Legitimacy for 10 Orders every turn]
- River bridging is unlocked by Polis Tech [originally: unlocked by enacting Engineering Law]
- Improvement lists for selected Worker show as a grid of icons, details are still available in tooltips.

-Siege-related Traits get Bonuses against Forts but get reduced Bonus against plain Urban Tiles.
{Siege-related Attack Bonuses: new values [original]}
Assault: +25% Settlement, +25% Urban, +50% Fort, +20% Garrison/Stronghold/Citadel [+50% Urban, +50% Fort]
Besieger*: +25% Urban, +25% Fort [+25% Urban]
Besieger_all: +10% Urban, +10% Fort [+10% Urban]
Siege: +25% Settlement, +25% Urban, +50% Fort, +20% Garrison/Stronghold/Citadel [+50% Urban]
*Besieger is no longer available for Siege Units

ToDo List (too many ideas, not enough coding):
(DLL) Movement Cost: for (dis-)embarking Land Units, with discounts for Amphibious Trait, Harbor improvement (first/last Water Tile)
(DLL) Discount for River Crossing's extra Movement cost with Amphibious Trait (for normal road connections movement is not slowed down)
(DLL) Hurrying: remove overflow, instead factor in the normal expected Production progress for Price calculation
(DLL) Hurrying: make it impossible to Hurry more than one Production item per Turn
(DLL + assets): UI mod: make improvement build lists for workers a 2D grid instead of a list,
to fit all improvements on screen, removing the need to scroll on medium and higher HUD scales.
(DLL): UI mod: sort Character lists better. with Jobs(Council > Governor > General) > no Jobs > not Adult yet; in Court > not in Court within those, and group by Family within those sections.
(DLL): early Improvement unlock, before the rest of the Improvement Class (remove adjacency requirements for Courthouse Class)
(DLL): Cognomen Loss Delay (5 turns?): Alpha strikes are already bad enough, but they can also kill your Legitimacy by instantly giving bad Cognomen.
(DLL): Courtier: add field for forced Trait (Cleric Courtier)
(DLL): some possibility to merge national Pagan Religion into your non-pagan State Religion
(DLL): Limit Cities to only one type of Baths, depending on climate/surrounding tiles (hot/Desert: Cold Baths (-4 discontent), cold/Tundra: Heated Baths (-3 discontent, makes Tundra valid for Urban) , temperate: Warm Baths (-2 discontent)

Version history

[0.6] Improvement lists for selected Worker now show as a grid of icons. No more scrolling (for most views, for most HUD scales).
[0.5.1] Disabled Make Chosen Heir mission because the AI uses it too often (to be re-enabled when AI is fixed).
[0.5] Removed Unlimited Autosaves part again, that part remains stand-alone.
Reduced attack bonus of Siege against Stronghold/Citadel from 25 to 20% (now same as Garrison).
Schemer Leaders give flat +2 Orders.
River bridging is unlocked by Polis Tech, not Engineering law
[0.3] Removed Ironworking again for No-Starting-Tech games.
Restored Zealot Generals' Last Stand ability to normal. Maybe I can catch the AI-doesn't-kill-Zealot-Unit bug again.
Removed Schemer Leaders' +2 Orders/War and Legitimacy selling abilities, replaced it with a flat +2 Orders.
[0.2c] hotfix for yet another XML error, this time in ModInfo file.
[0.2b] hotfix for XML error
[0.2] Various XML modifications.
[0.1] Initially: DLL mod to reduce AI_NO_WONDER_TURNS from 50 to 0, but that's obsolete now.

My mods are not made for the test branch version of the game!










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