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Little Family Balance Tweak for Old World

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Making all Families matter, in a matter that fits their themes, is hard. this is just my own attempt.
Anyone else have any ideas for Traders and Clerics?

Clerics no longer found a Religion, the free tier 4 Tech Bonus (Monasticism) was also removed.
Instead they get a Court Soldier, and unlock a Project that makes recruiting Court Clerics* possible.
*Court Clerics come with State Religion, but also with the Trait "Clergy" which means they can't work or marry.
(That project is only availabe with Characters. There is no replacement for No-Characters games yet.
Since the Trait "Clergy is given by an event, this doesn't work for the AI players, they get full-fledged Courtiers.)

Traders: 2 Bonuses were removed:
-10 turns for Hamlet Class Upgrades,
Road building without cooldown for Family Workers,
free Fair in Seat.
They were replaced with:
5 Orders can be stored for the next turn (tied to the free extra Market (+15% money) improvement in seat),
+400 Money when Founding a City, +2 Culture from Luxuries sent to City,
Bullion Resources: +4 (instead of +2) Culture

Sages: Seat gets Archive I, no longer gains a random Tech.

- Do some more with Clerics, especially for No Characters games. Just not a free tier 4 Tech.

Version history
[0.3b] just updated descriptions
[0.3] Cleric Seats get access to a Project that lets them generate a new type of Courtiers: Clerics (same as family name -_-).
Also their -50% Disciple train time now applies to all their Cities, not just the Seat.
[0.2a] no real changes, just reordered XML tags for Clerics bonus.
[0.2] Changed Trader Bonuses again. Removed Monasticism from Clerics.
[0.1] Initial version

My mods are not made for the test branch version of the game!







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