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MiddleKingdom for Old World

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A coastal basin cradled by two large, overflowing rivers with a coastline to the East and South. A few fierce Northern Tribes rule the vast wastelands, and hordes of barbarians descent from the Himalayas from to the West in great numbers. Will you be able to rule the known Old World, or will your armies be stopped by the many natural obstacles stand in your way? Topology inspired by that of China.

The great rivers and long mountain chains create many defensible positions and choke points, letting players take full advantage of the geography they are near. My military-focused mod Dynamic Units (https://oldworld.mod.io/diverse-units1) has a number of changes specifically made with the varied geography in mind, such as the added Transport unit which is amphibious and serve as a valuable (but vulnerable) mobile bridge for cross-river military operations.





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