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Nation Unique Wonders for Old World

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Published by Franz- (mod ID: 2252754)


Each Nation has a Unique Wonder (3 New Wonders added)

Assyria - The Great Ziggurat
Babylon - The Hanging Gardens
Carthage - The Cothon
Egypt - The Pyramids
Greece - The Oracle
Hittite - The Yazilikaya
Persia - The Apadana
Rome - The Colosseum

• All 8 Wonders require developing culture.
• Each Nation has access to 12 Wonders, Including the Unique one.
• Made adjustments to existing Wonders for theme and balance.
(See mod image for details, changed wonders highlighted in bold)

To Do
• Clean up Ambitions that ask you to build a certain wonder, which may not be available.

• Coolthulu - Suggested The Cothon for Carthage
• Siontific - Suggested The Yazilikaya for Hittite, and gave ideas for effects
• Alceras - The Old World reference spreadsheet, I used the Wonders page to organize effects,
and an edited version is used for the mod image

These are Discord ids from the Old Word server, Alceras is the noted content creator.

The Colosseum
• +20 XP for Idle Infantry and Mounted Units
• [All Cities] -1 Discontent + 10 Money if Connected

The Cothon
• -20% Production Time for Ship units
• [All Cities] +10% Money
• +20 Training/Turn

The Yazilikaya
• +40% Growth
• [All Cities] -20% Rural Specialists Production Time

+ 2 VP, +6 Culture, and Wonder Completion event as usual.





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