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ps Extra Hotkeys for Old World

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Published by poldworld (mod ID: 1911387)


The Mod adds additional hotkeys

Update with v0.3:
- Hotkey to build improvements based on terrain
- OnResource: Specific improvement (Ore - Mine, etc)
- Hill - Mine, Flat w/o Trees - Farm, Flat+Trees - Lumbermill
- Default Key "B" (Map Editor "Paint")

Update with v0.2:
- Hotkeys to build quarry, farm, mine, lumbermill, barracks, camp, nets
- Standard keys: T, ], [, U, P, Shift+F, Ctrl+F
- Customizable via Map Editor Keys: Brush, Increase Brush, Decrease Brush, Toggle Util Panel, Toggle Image Projector, Fill, Flying Cam

Current functions v0.1:
- Hotkey "P" for pillaging
- Hotkey "I" for harvesting
- Hotkey "F" for bulding a fort

- Happy for any feedback or discussion via OW discord (nick "PS").

Plan for v1.0:
- additional hotkey for building suggested improvement
- code improvement: own hotkeys instead of re-using existing editor-hotkeys




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