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ps Gated TechTree for Old World

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Published by poldworld (mod ID: 1831538)


Feedback: Happy for feedback and comments via discord nick "PS".

Mod Idea:
- Tech Tree for Play with less military focus
- Late tech buidings are available earlier and or on more attractive branches
- Thematic tech lines similar to the Tree from early development phase

Code Changes:
- Tech Tree XML

New Principles:
- Thematic Tech Lanes (Culture and Law, Rural and Science)
- "Era Line": Line 0 has Cultural Tech unlocking/gating new civil tech clusters.
- Castleing line - Military lines - Religion line
- Civil progress is independent of military progress, military progress requires science unlocks.

Kept principles:
- Same techs (number and types - before removal of torsion in Jan 22)
- Military tiers (aim: keep military balance)
- Roughly kept overall science cost per unit unlock (ongoing balancing: adjustments for longer/shorter number of prereq techs)
- Mostly the same unlocks per tech tile

Sacrifices made:
- No longer same cost per column (con: less intuitive)
- Lower visual clarity of tech tree (con: less intuitive)
- More columns used (con: Mini Tree no longer fits on 1 page)

- Balancing: Happy for feedback (focus: 1) getting science costs right, 2) adapting order/content per tech tile (laws, unit unlocks))

Intended for use with:
- work in progress





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