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Raze City for Old World

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Raze City Mod

This mod adds an event on city capture, allowing the player to choose whether to occupy, raze or raze and scorch the city. This event only occurs for cities, not barb/tribe camps.

  • Occupy is the default where you take over control of the city after some turns in anarchy.
  • Razing removes the city but maintains the city site as a viable location to settle.
  • Razing and scorching the earth removes the city plus removes the possibility of settling that site again.

This mod will be useful for warmongers doing the OCC who don't want to occupy all those defeated city sites.








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inogda @inogda

"This event only occurs for cities, not barb/tribe camps."
Why? I would do it

dip0 @dip0

Seeing how some ambitions linked to war require you to capture cities (and that includes capturing + holding for 3 turns) - does this prevent you from completing these ambitions unless you don't raze?

Maybe an alternative could be to have a raze project?

Kazuiyo @kazuiyo

If we raze a city can you make it so we get a reward from it as well. Gold + random resource for example. I would also suggest a -to diplomacy with the faction owner. You could even give a chance for a general to get a trait from razing multiple city's as well. Anyway looking forward to playing with mod!