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Reduced Range for Old World

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Reduced Attack Range for all Ranged Units

Slingers, Mounted and Barbarian Ranged Units have a Range of 1 [originally 2].
Infantry Archers have a Range of 2 [originally 3].
Onagers and Mangonels have a Range of 2-3 [originally 2-4 / 2-5].
Ballista Pierce attack only reaches 1 Tile behind target [instead of 2].
Crossbowman and Polybolos only attacks Pierce at 25% [down from 50%].
Towers provide no Range increase [originally +1] (Hills and Marksman still increase Range by 1)
Spearman and Pikeman get Cleave [instead of Pierce]
Spearman recieves +10% Defense from Tech Forestry and +20% Defense from Tech Manor.

Reduced Range makes movement more important, making the mobile Mounted Units even stronger,
which is why Polearm Units get a buff (which they needed anyway).

Version history
[0.2.1] Only Spearman gets the Defense from Tech Bonus, and the Bonus from Forestry is reduced to +10%.
[0.2] Changes to Polearm Units: Removed Pierce; they get +20% Defense each from 2 Techs.
Ballista Piere reduced to 1 Tile.
Reduced Pierce Strength for Crossbowman and Polybolos.
[0.1] initial release






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