Old World

Resources+ for Old World

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Published by IRevanI (mod ID: 1054555)

  • 9 new resources have been added
    • Bronze
    • Amber
    • Dates
    • Earthware (pottery)
    • Glass
    • Hemp
    • Papyrus
    • Spices
    • Vegetables
  • This is an early alpha version
  • Right now, all new resources are using vanilla textures, animations, etc! I dont know if i am able to change this any time soon.
    • Please, if you can help with assets, textures, animations, etc. please contact me here or in Discord Revan#7325
  • Bonus for each resource are more or less done and final
  • New icons for all new resources
  • Remember; Dont get confused if you see the resource "amber" looks like the texture of "gems" - you can distinguish them for now by looking at the tooltip at the bottom right
    • If you cant live with that or you are unhappy how it is right now, you can skip the mod. ;)
  • German translation included
  • Remember that you can press F1 ingame and search for those resources to see their info, too!

  • Compatible with all my mods







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