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Less Scaling Specialist Yields for Old World

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Published by Fimbulvetr_ (mod ID: 2226891)


Trying to tone down the possibly huge extra Yields per Citizen and per Culture Level that exist for many Specialists.

Specialist Yields [original values]:
Acolyte unchanged [+2/3/4 Culture, +0/0.5/1 Orders]
A/M/E Poet: +3/4/5 Culture, +0/1/2 Culture/Citizen [+3/4/5 Culture, +0/0.5/1 Civics/Citizen]
Officer unchanged [+2/3/4 Training, +0/20/50 XP for new Units]
A/M/E Monk: +4/6/8 Culture, +0/0.5/1 Civics/Culture level [+4/6/8 Culture, +0/1/2 Civics/Culture level]
A/M/E Priest: -1/1.5/2 Discontent, +0/1/2 Training [-1/1.5/2 Discontent, +0/1/2 Training/Citizen]
A/M/E Scribe: unchanged [+2/3/4 Civics, +0/1/2 Money/Citizen]
A/M/E Shopkeeper: +20/30/40 Money, +0/0.5/1 growth/Culture level [+20/30/40 Money, +0/1/2 growth/Culture level]
A/M/E Philosopher: +2/3/4 science, +0/1/2 Civics [+2/3/4 science, +0/1/2 Culture/Citizen]
A/M/E Doctor: +2/3/4 growth, +0/1/2 science [+2/3/4 growth, +0/1/2 science/Culture level]
Bishop unchanged [+0/0.5/1 Orders, +10/15/20 Money/Culture level]

Maximum additional Yields per Citizen from Specialists are now:
6 Culture (3x Elder Poet)
6 Money (3x Elder Scribe)
(in addition to the 0.1 orders that Citizen always produce)

Version history
[1.0.1] fixed Scribes, who had lost their Money per Citizen yield
[1.0] Initial release





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