Old World

The Great Old World for Old World

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Published by OneWorld (mod ID: 2257273)


This mod contains a real world map of 'The Great Old World', a map with an area that covers all of Africa, Asia and Europe (and a bit more) with true start locaions and naming of cities and landmarks by ancient names (were available) or ancient archaeological sites / tribes otherwise.

On this map Egypt, Rome, Greece, Carthago and Persia are playable on the true start locations. The nations of Assyria, Babylon and Hatti are replaced by the Mauryan empire (Indian subcontinent), the Chinese Han dynasty and the Xiognu empire (modern Mongolia). Therefore, these nations are renamed while using this mod (Assyria to Mauryan, Babylon to Han and Hatti to Xiognu, English localisation only). Character names/portraits as well as all gameplay mechanics of these nations are unchanged.




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