Old World

Tribal Flavor for Old World

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Published by IRevanI (mod ID: 2148171)


Adds 7 new tribal units to tribe camps/settlements

Getting bored always beeing attacked by the same two unit/s (types) from barbs/tribes? Here is some flavor.*

  • Tribal Warrior
  • Tribal Slinger
  • Tribal Axeman
  • Tribal Spearman
  • Tribal Archer
  • Tribal Maceman
  • Tribal Horseman

  • This is more or less just flavor - they have the "skills" from their "vanilla" version though but only spawn at their respective camps/settlements (level 2-4)
  • Remember that you can press F1 and have a look at each one of them - they also have the same strength like their default units
  • Spawn chance for each new unit differs for each tribe
  • *Starting camp/settlement level unit is still the same
  • German translation included
  • Compatible with all my mods




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